Thursday, May 3, 2018

Pentagon Confirmation: AATIP = Advanced Aerospace Weapon System Applications Program

Update by Roger Glassel to his article,
 The AATIP, Targeting Pod Videos and the DOPSR Process

As I stated in my previous article, it was important for me to have the Advanced Aerospace Weapon System Applications search phrase added to my request - as the reports by Dr. Eric Davis were done under the AAWSA program, and a LinkedIn profile I found connected AAWSA to Bigelow. If I was wrong, it would just have been redundant information to my FOIA request, as it already contained other information on which videos I was referring to. I have also learned that Isaac Koi sent these two AAWSA reports to Dr. Davis who confirmed that they are his reports, but I wanted confirmation from an official source.

I contacted the Pentagon spokesperson again, Major Audricia Harris of the OSD PA, with the following question and background information.

"Dr. Eric Davis - who is associated with the company To The Stars Academy (TTSA) and the company EarthTech - has stated that he has done theoretical studies for the AATIP.

On the EarthTech website Dr. Davis has listed various publications written by him. Under "U.S. Government Program Contract Reports" he has listed six theroretical studies that he has done for the DIA Defence Warning Office (DIA DWO) - between the year 2010 and 2011. Within the same time frame that AATIP was contracting studies. Two of these reports are available on the Internet.

In these reports it is stated that the reports is a product of a series of advanced technology reports produced under the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) Defense Warning Office (DWO) Advanced Aerospace Weapon System Application (AAWSA) Program. The content of these two reports also correlates with the content of the study topics that Dr. Davis has openly stated he wrote for the AATIP. Basically the same content that is in reports that Dr. Davis wrote for the Air Force Research Laboratory (back in 2004), that are now available for download through DTIC. So AAWSA, if not the same, seem to have been closely related to AATIP.

My question is what the relationship is between the Advanced Aerospace Weapon System Applications (AAWSA) program and the AATIP program?"

Maj. Harris responded the following.

"Hi Roger,

Same program. Just an alternative name for AATIP. 

Maj. Harris"

I wrote back with further questions:

"Hi Maj. Harris,

Thank you for the clarification.

Was AAWSA the real contract name? and which program name must be referred to when making requests about the program? 


Roger Glassel"

Maj. Harris responded:

“I would stick with AATIP. It is the official name.

Maj. Harris”

So that confirms that the name previously given by the Pentagon as the Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program, still apply for FOIA request done by researchers, but as the Advanced Aerospace Weapon System Applications program now been confirmed, it may be wise to include it in upcoming requests about the program. 

Answering my final question, Major Harris replied giving the clearest statement yet to indicate that the AATIP was a UFO study:


AATIP was funded in the July 2008 Supplemental Appropriations Bill (a Sen Harry Reid add).  Its mandate, as outlined in a 2009 letter from Reid to DSD, was to assess "far-term foreign advanced aerospace threats  the United States," including anomalous events (such as sightings of aerodynamic vehicles engaged in extreme maneuvers, with unique phenomenology, reported by U.S. Navy pilots or other credible sources).  

AATIP was terminated in 2012 due to lack of real progress and concerns about the viability of the program.

I don't any anything further to provide you. 


Maj. Harris"

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