Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Unable to Deliver: The Roswell Slides

The big Be Witness show was held, but failed to deliver new and compelling evidence. The only thing of substance were the two slides themselves:

Don Schmitt and Tom Carey

Slide 11

Slide 9, the one opened for examination

Prior to the show, there were some strong claims about what the slides depicted.



In an interview leading up to the show, Schmitt was a bit more cautious.
Can we prove it’s an alien? Well, a picture unfortunately can’t do that. We don’t have the DNA, we don’t have a tissue sample. We can’t do that. But, for those who are open-minded, objective in their reasoning as to if they can accept that we are not alone, that we are being visited, there had to have been pictures taken, there had to have been people who were availed an opportunity to see what was recovered, and possibly at Roswell in 1947. And we’re not going to be the group of individuals who always live by the model anything but extraterrestrial, anything but ET.”

Not everything promised was delivered.

Despite prior indictions about concerns over his age and delicate health, it was not announced prior to the show that Dr. Edgar Mitchell would not appear. So too, was Carol Rosin absent, the person advertised as introducing him for a tribute. Paul Hellyer was presented as a substitute.

debunkers will be disappointed"
Tom Carey was interviewed about the Roswell Slides on the March 22, 2015 episode of Jaime Maussan’s Contacto on Tercer Milenio TV. Carey said that experts have been able to read some words on the placard on the case and that, “debunkers will be disappointed.”
During BeWitness, it was announced that despite the work of a number of experts, the placard could absolutely not be read. Tom Carey was right, though, debunkers were disappointed. Most everyone else was, too.

They presented their case. but...

some people continue to believe the body was something from Earth.

Later, I'll be preparing a more detailed examination of what was presented, but most of the arguments for the slide were known well ahead of the show and discussed previously.  Please see

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