Unidentified Child's Mummy

The two original images:
Original image http://i.imgur.com/xc9Zf2C.jpg
Source video:

Kodachrome - A Documentary - Official Trailer

Note: many slide images in the film were reverse, so it's uncertain whether the body photos are oriented correctly.

Blurred version teased in video

Manipulated image to attempt correct proportions.
By Narrenschiffer 

2nd version by Frank Warren

3rd version by Nablator

Slide 9: the second, darker slide, the one removed from its casing.

Blurred version from video

Screen capture of removed frame.
Film maker's blurred version. Reveals some details on display case.

Second slide. Cropped fragment only.
Cropped close-up of torso down and placard

Enhanced screen capture by Nablator

Detail of placard

Attempt to combine slides one and two to show body definition.

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