Transcript: The Original Cash-Landrum Case Report, Dated March 4, 1981

The file contains 35 pages, all by John F. Schuessler except for the report by Alan Holt, which contains two additions made shortly after the witness interviews The documents include a combination of UFO report forms, typed and handwritten reports, several of which contain drawings. No photographs were included in these files. What follows is a transcription of the files and the captions for the illustrations. The pages of forms are difficult to transcribe, so it is recommended that the scans be relied upon, and the descriptions of the forms below just be used as a reference for them.

The page order is preserved from the scanned pages of the PDF of the original 35-page report to MUFON by John Schuessler and Project VISIT, dated March 4, 1981. The original spelling and punctuation has been retained (with minor corrections for clarity and readability), name errors have the correct spelling beside them in [brackets].

1 Form
Page 1 of 2-page MUFON form: “UFO Sighting Questionnaire- General Cases (Form 1)” with location and sketches of UFO. Name of Investigator, “John F. Schuessler,” “Witness: Vicky Landrum.” Dated March 3, 1981 (“4-3-81”)

2 Form
Page 2 of 2-page MUFON form “UFO Sighting Questionnaire- General Cases (Form 1)”  
Vicky Landrum Age ~ 60, (Address) 
Vision: Eyeglasses. Hearing: Good. Health during sighting? Good. After? Problems. 
Environmental Situation
Temperature 40° F. Visibility: Good. Ceiling: High clouds. 
Viewed from: Outdoors, Car, Also in open air. 
Area/Location: Rural. 
Area/Terrain: Woods. 
Sky condition: Clear at lower level, High clouds. 
Precipitation: none. 
UFO direction: First seen in 130 feet dist. (Paced). Last seen in SW. It moved from NE to SW. 
UFO distance: When closest to me 130 ft. UFO altitude: When closest to the ground  <100 ft. 
Also in area: Helicopter. Other: 23 helicopters. During UFO sighting? (Y)

Object Description (Mostly boxes checked from a list, some answers written in.)
Observed: A light. Number of: 1. 
Shape of (drawing: top-like). Color(s) bright light and fire. 
Describe: Sound made Beep-Beep, Also roar of helicopters. Speed: Hovered.. 
Apparent size: As big as city water tank.
Bright as: no answer. 
Did the object(s) or light(s): (Affirmative answers were checked for the following)
Change direction.  Cast light. Hover. Descend. Ascend. Give off heat.
Affect engine. Affect human.
How many other witnesses? 2.
For “Signature of Observer,” written is, “Oral Permission During Interview” and “You may use my name” is checked. Form dated 4-3-81.
. . .

3 - 13 Cash/Landrum Case “On-Site Investigation Report, Date: 28 Feb 1981,” Interview with Vickie and Colby Landrum. Handwritten, 11 pages. (Page one on VISIT letterhead.)
(Some minor changes made to correct spelling or add punctuation.)

(Page 1)
Cash/Landrum Case (29 Dec 1980)
(On-Site Investigation Report 
Date: 28 February 1981 
Investigators: Alan Holt & John Schuessler. 

On Saturday, 28 February 1981 Al Holt & I drove to Dayton, TX to meet Vicky Landrum and grandson, Colby. She and Colby described the incident and then we drove to the location of the 29 December 1980 event, near Huffman, TX. 

Vicky, Colby and Betty Cash (driving) were headed back home to Dayton after stopping at a restaurant in New Caney. 

When they first observed the object it was high in the sky – only a fire-like light. It rapidly descended to treetop level above the road in front of them. Because it was shooting flames downward they were afraid to drive under it. They stopped and stood outside the car, but within the open doors. 
(Illustration: Sketch of car from above, position of witnesses.)

(Page 2)
The site of the incident is near the lake, so there are businesses, trailers, cabins, etc. periodically throughout the area, however it is sparsely settled. Near the incident site is an occupied trailer home, but the lady living there said they were in bed by 8 PM, about an hour before the sighting. 

Betty Cash remained outside the car until the object started to rise and pull away to the right. Note: the road in that area is laid out in a north – south direction. 

Vicky stood in the doorway with her right side toward the object and four fingers of her left hand on top of the car. She held Colby close up to her as she watched. He was terrified and screamed for her to get back in the car, which she did very soon. She estimate she was outside 2 to 3 minutes. She said Betty was probably outside twice that long. All three were quite frightened. 

(Page 3)
Vicky is a non-drinker and is quite religious. She does smoke. She thought this was the predicted end of the world and was saying this as she watched. She said the Bible says the sky will split and in a rain of fire Jesus will come. She expected that to happen, but when it did not, she felt she wasn't deserving and ready yet. She vows to lead a better life from now on. 

The initial site was along the tree lined road (blacktop, but in poor condition). 
(Illustration: Sketch of car on  the of road, the UFO ahead of it.)
Caption: Most of the trees are pine, with some oak mixed in. 

Betty had earlier described the object as an extremely bright light, with no distinctive shape, but with 4 points like a diamond. 

(Page 4)
Vicky described it as oblong in a vertical direction, pointed at the bottom. 
(Illustration: Sketch of UFO with rounded top.)
 Labels: glow around. 
Bight with darker center. 
fire (flames). 

She said it was never around, always oblong. 

Colby said it was totally [diamond] shape. 
(Illustration: Sketch diamond-shaped UFO.)
Labels: bright glow (yellow) all around. 
fire from bottom (red & orange). 

Vicky said that after she got back the car she sat and prayed as she watched the object. Colby screamed in fear. 

The evening was cool so they had the automobile heater on low. After the event, the inside of the car was very very hot. They then use the air conditioner. 

(Page 5)
As the object hung above the road Vicky could hear a roar "like a hurricane." Then when the flames would belch out the noise would be a woosh. 

 They could all three feel the heat from the object. 

Medical Effects
Colby's face with sunburned. He had problems with his eyes and that problem remains even now, but not to an extreme.

Both Vicky and Colby felt strange when they arrived home. She used three bottles of baby all on Colby's and her own face over the next several days. She & Colby had diarrhea for several days (at least three days). Colby’s was so bad she had to clean him up like a baby. They both had bad stomach aches. 

The hair on the right side of Vicky's head came out, but now it is growing back. She said her scalp felt like it was asleep. 

(Page 6)
Vicky's fingernails, left hand only are damaged. That hand was on top of the car. (Illustration: Sketch of VL’s fingernails.) 
lines on all nails. 
small finger
hole thru nail (labeled above) index finger 
Each nail has an indentation, line-like, across from side to side – now partially grown out. 

Colby had nightmares for two or three weeks. He would wet the bed because he was afraid to get up at night. He just started sleeping in his own bed again last week. His school grades fell off for a week or so; but he is back to normal now – A's. 

Vicky thought Betty Cash was going to die. Betty was extremely ill until Vicky insisted she go to the hospital on the fourth day. Betty had a swollen neck, large nodules (blisters) on her scalp, face and right eyebrow. She couldn't eat, and that is unusual for Betty. Vicky explained it very is usually a big eater. 

(Page 7)
For example; Betty and Vicky had a big lunch on 29 Dec. That evening they stopped at New Caney to eat again. Vicky just had coffee; while Betty had sausage, eggs and extras. After the incident Betty could not eat. Vicky would make her some soup or other meal – she would eat a bite or so and get deathly ill and vomit. She was unable to eat from the time of the incident until she entered the hospital. She too, had diarrhea very badly.

When Betty was admitted to the hospital at the emergency room by Dr. Shenoy, the nurses asked if she was a burn patient. After two weeks but he was released. She was home 13 days, of which she spent 7 or so in bed all the time. Because she remained ill, could not eat properly, and seemed to be getting worse, she returned to the hospital.

Vicky has a problem with her eyes – the right one being the worst. They are both still very inflamed and the right one drains constantly. Before the incident 

(Page 8)
Vicky wore eyeglasses for reading only. Those glasses were from TSO. Now she has glasses she must wear all the time, prescribed by a Dr. Chandler,  eye doctor from Liberty, Tx. 
Vicky and Betty only saw object during the close encounter – no helicopters. As it rose and flew away there were more than 20 helicopters, although Vicky admitted that they moved around a lot and a few might have gotten more than once. Even so, she is positive that there were 10–12 or more – no doubt about it. 

Colby says he saw helicopters all during the event, even when the object was low over the road. He is quite sure of that.

Vicky says there were two kinds of helicopters involved – maybe more. One kind was large and smooth running with a very large rotor on top. Another head two rotors on top, but one was above the other slightly. 
(Illustration: Sketch of overlapping rotors.)

(Page 9)
The three witnesses drove on after the object rose up and the fire stopped coming out of the bottom. At three different vantage points they observed the object gaining in altitude & distance and the helicopters and pursuit. 

Vicky truly feels that this was not anything unnatural. She believes the U.S. government was transporting and escorting something dangerous through the area. (Her son mentioned a similar incident near the lake about 6 months earlier where a fiery object landed and burned 300 ft of grass).

Colby said the helicopters appeared to be trying to find out what the object was. He counted 18 - 20 helicopters and stopped counting.

Site location
close encounter at 1.
stopped to view object plus helicopters at 2., at 3. and finally at 4.
Note: They could still hear the roar of helicopters at 4.
See page 10. 

(Page 10) 
(Illustration: Sketched map of sighting area.)
Note: Curves in road eliminated for simplicity!

(Page 11)
The location of the close encounter was on Huffman New Caney road near the Inland road intersection. 
We parked along the road and walked as a group to the spot where Vicky believed they stopped their car on 29 Dec 80. Then Al Holt walked on ahead to a point where Vicky & Colby said he was under where the object hung over the road. I paced the distance from sighting to object location. It was 50 pieces. My pace measures 32 inches, or a total of 133 feet.

At that point Vicky & Colby said the object was bigger than the town water tank.


Al Holt will prepare a separate set of interview notes. They will not be compared until both are completed and ready for submittal.

(Signed) John F. Schuessler
. . .

14 MUFON “UFO Sighting Questionnaire - Computer Input (Form 2)” “Vicky Landrum”
(Basic information on location of sighting and witness data)

15 MUFON “UFO Sighting Questionnaire - Computer Input (Form 2)”
“Medical Injury Case... Betty Cash... Case lead supplied by Rbt. Gribble, APRO & MUFON”

16 -23  Report of meeting and interview with Betty Cash dated 22 Feb. 1981. Handwritten, 8 pages. (Page one on VISIT letterhead.)

(Page 1)
Cash/Landrum case (29 Dec 1980)
(On-Site Investigation Report 
Date: 22 February 1981 
Investigator: John Schuessler. 

The following notes for me during a meeting with Betty Cash at her brothers apartment (Apt. 30, 695 Normandy, Normandy Woods Apts, Houston, TX. Her mother was present. 

Betty was driving from New Caney to Dayton, TX on Highway 1485. In the car with her was Vickie Landrum and grandson, Colby Landrum. They had been looking for a bingo game. Betty says she won't be going out at night any more looking for bingo games. It is just too scary. 

Betty saw the thing first. The whole sky was bright some distance ahead and to the right. After negotiating a turn in the road Betty saw this bright thing right over the road. 

(Page 2)
It was too low to drive under. 

She had been driving in a southerly direction on 1485. Her speed was a casual 50 - 55 mph. Visibility was good. Air was cool – Betty had on a leather jacket. 

The object hung over the road. Flames periodically shot downward from a point on the bottom of the glowing mass. She didn't know how to get away. 

They stopped the car in the road a short distance from the bright thing. They opened the car doors and stood in the open doorways. They were afraid to leave the car. 

They could hear a beeping before they stopped and the whole time they were stopped. They couldn't find the source. Betty says she will never forget the sound. 

She kept her eyes focused on the object. It was a very very bright. 

(Page 3) 
Because the light was so bright Betty couldn't see details of the object. After the object left the area Betty had trouble seeing and had to wait a moment before trying to drive. 

Flames showered downward. Each time it happened they could hear a swoosh – swoosh like a flame thrower. The whole area had a great sound – a roar. They could hear the sound even as it flew away – up and to the right. 

Colby was terrified. He stood near Vicky and screamed for her to get back in the car. Vicky thought the world was coming to an end and said so.  Colby had slept alone since he was a tot (now 7), but hasn't since the incident. He sleeps with Vicky. 

The car had been tuned less than four months ago. Now runs roughly.  

(Page 4)
Betty first thought two planes had collided & were crashing, but soon determined otherwise.  

When the object rose & went SW, the flames stopped. Betty thinks air controllers at Houston Intercontinental Airport must have seen the bright thing – also all the helicopters. She counted 23 helicopters.  

The driving after that was no longer limited to 55 mph. They sped wherever they could. Betty dropped Colby and Vicky at their house, but didn't go in because she felt ill.  

Betty arrived home at 9:50 PM. Her friend Wilma & grandson and one other person was there. She was very sick (she had felt great all day). 

She sat in a chair. Her neck swelled and blister grew on her head and face. One grew on her right eyelid – and burst. Her ear lobes swelled so much she had to remove her earring pins. 

(Page 5)
Her eyes swelled closed. She was nearly blind till after she entered the hospital four days later. The nurse put salve on her eyes and they improved. It was nearly a week before her eyes were open so she could recognize people. 

The hospital people put burn cream on her face to prevent scarring. She said large patches of tissue peeled from her face. 

The day after the incident Vickie went across the street to the home of Mr. Ward, a Dayton policeman. He told her to call (206) 722-3000 in Washington. She had to call twice but finally got action via Mr. English at APRO who turned the case over to Dick Donovan of the Weekly World News. 

Later in February Betty called NASA and they referred her to John Schuessler.

(Page 6)
Betty left the hospital after 15 days. Dr. Shenoy had called in specialists of all kinds, and conducted a battery of tests, but to no avail. He could find nothing that would cause her condition.  

He couldn't explain the swelling, burns or loss of hair. Eventually, she told him of the UFO and he appeared relieved.

Betty returned to the hospital in a little over a week. She had remained sick, swelled, with headaches. The vomiting had stopped but her appetite has not returned.  

The hospital was Parkway General in Houston. 

Betty is constantly tired, has a continuous headache, and cannot work. Her hair still remains patchy, but appears it will grow back.

(Page 7)
Betty said she received ointment for her eyes. Dr. Burman put Cortisone on the skin with a needle.  She has prescriptions from Thrifty Drugs – Dayton, from Dr. Kumar.
1. Fiorinal No. 3 for pain (1/2 grain codeine)
2. Sinequan 50 mg. 
3. 75 mg.  

She takes Vio Bec B. complex with 50mg. Vitamin C. 
Betty will leave 2/26 for Birmingham AL. to stay with her mother. She expects to go in the University Hospital there for more tests. 
Her mothers address is:
209 48 St. 
Fairfield, AL 35064
(205) 785-2752
Betty's car is a 1980 Cutlass Supreme lic. no. VAS-217 (Texas)

(Page 8)
 When Betty left the hospital the last time Dr. Shenoy practically insisted she go see the movie "Hangar 18.” She felt very ill as she exited the hospital but she did attend the movie. All she got out of the movie was the government conspiracy aspect. That left her confused about why she was told to attend. 

(Signed) John F. Schuessler
24 - 27 Alan Holt, report of (2/28/81) interview with Vickie and Colby Landrum. Handwritten, 4 pages. (On VISIT letterhead.)

Betty Cash/Vickie Landrum Case 

(Page 1)
(Alan Holt Report 4 handwritten pages, 
English memo, Helicopters 2 pages)

Interview - Vickie Landrum/ Colby Landrum (Grandson)

Saw a light high in the sky which descended to a point above the trees. 

Vickie told Betty to stop the car. 

Light emitted fire from underneath portion which blocked the road ahead of them, they could hear the roar. 

Colby was screaming so she returned to get inside the car while Betty stayed outside. 

Light hung suspended for 5 - 6 minutes. 

Vickie was out of the car for 2 - 3 minutes.

Vickie thought this was the end of the world - ready or not. 

Whole sky was lit up. 

Vickie was reminded of the biblical passage concerning Jesus coming with the rain of fire. 

Colby calmed down when Vickie told him that this was Jesus coming. 

Car was hot like in the middle of August. 

Object lifted up and moved off to the right. 

Vickie didn't notice the planes then. 

(Page 2)
On the road toward Huffman, saw the object again and the helicopters, could hear the roar? 

Object floated ahead and to the right of them. 

Stopped at stop sign at FM 1960, helicopters were still there. 

Some of the helicopters were up there with the object. 

Some were circling around it. 

They were initially 1 - 2 blocks from the object – they could feel heat and heard a roar like a hurricane. 

Colby's Drawing
(Illustration: Sketch simple diamond, 3 lines below indicating flames)
Very bright. 
Pinkish, flame like a bonfire flame.
(Note: also contains an extraneous scribble on the edge of the page, apparently by a child, with the comment: “Christopher’s contribution to the report”

(Page 3)
(Illustration: sketch  labeled, “Vickie's position & car,” showing a figure standing behind open door of car, UFO in front and above.)

Colby's face like it was sunburned 
– both of them had skin effects like they were on the beach all day. 

Flame stopped as object lifted up. 
– appeared as a long bright white light. 
– went in a direction between Humble and Houston. 

Bigger than a water tank. 
– went out ahead to the southwest towards Houston Intercontinental Airport. 

Betty and Vickie stopped the car subsequently 2 times – each time they saw the object and helicopters. 

Had the impression that the "helicopters were transporting something."

(Page 4)
Near Sire Lake 6 months ago a UFO sighting occurred – grass was burned off. 

Helicopters had blinking lights. 
– two types.
 appeared higher at 2160.
 – Lower at
–Colby had diarrhea for 2 to 3 days. 

Colby had a dream about a little spaceman.
– "man inside it, little bitty, 2 ft. tall."
– (line struck through- appears to read “he counted 18”)
– had a stomach ache. 

Visited 3 sites where object was sighted.
– nothing observed as far as evidence. 
– road well traveled in daytime. 
–at last stop, some of the helicopters 
– were still close enough to be heard (at 1960). 

(Signed) Alan C Holt

28 Al Holt memo: “Conversation with Bill English,” undated. (English of APRO was the first investigator to speak to Vickie Landrum.) Handwritten, 1 page. (On VISIT letterhead.)

(Page 1)
Conversation with Bill English
Liberty Guardian newspaper reported witnesses who observed the object further down the road. 
– same description. 
5 - 6 miles further to the north. 

Vickie Landrum's doctor refused to treat her. 
(Signed) Alan Holt 

29 - 30 Al Holt: “Helicopter Investigation,” 3/10/81. Handwritten, 2 pages. (On VISIT letterhead.)
Helicopter Investigation 
(Page 1)
Houston Intercontinental – FAA 443-4297. 
350 - 400 helicopters in area associated with offshore activity – all single road runner times, Bell, 222, etc. 

Helicopter traffic flies VFR [Visual Flight Rules] thus does not contact tower. 

No twin rotor helicopters in the area. 
– San Antonio. 
– Alexandria, La. 
– Corpus Christi, Navy. 

Restricted area. – beyond 15 miles must stay 1800 feet in MSL [mean sea level].
  radar limitations 2000 to 2200 15 miles from airport north (radar antenna 12 - 13 miles south of airport). 

Eggland [England] Air Force Base, Alexandria, La
   activity does not carry them to Houston, Fort Polk is the extent of their activity. 

(Page 2)

Fort Polk – 863-2314 (Base Ops)
  UH 1 and smaller. 
  no twin rotor helicopters. 
  suggested contacting Fort Hood.

Fort Hood. 747-9200 (Base Ops)
– have Schnooks, twin rotors [Chinooks]. 
– was a slow day on Dec. 29 and holiday period.
– do not have 20 twin rotors. 
– generally helicopters scout in small groups, 5 to 10 at a time.

Robert Gray Field 
– exercise in the local area where 100 helicopters come in from the field all at one time “for effect.”
31 - 33  21 Feb. 1981, 1 pm: “Betty Cash called collect from Dayton, TX” (Phone interview: first witness contact.) Typed, 3 pages. (Page one on VISIT letterhead.)
(Report on VISIT letterhead, typed, 2 pages.)

Page 1
J. Schuessler Report
21 February 1981, 1 pm

Betty Cash called collect from Dayton, TX 
She talked briefly about trying to catch me at NASA earlier in the week, but due to the First Shuttle engine firing I was busy and out of contact. 
Betty has been out of work now since the incident on 29 December 1980. She had been operating a truck stop restaurant and grocery store. She worked the night shift and slept days. 
Betty repeated much of the same information as given to me by Kathy Gordon on 20 Feb. Differences/additions are given herein. 
We talked about her hospital stay. She said it has cost her about $10,000 and she has had to close her business. She is not able to work and looks too bad to meet people. 
She said the blisters swelled up soon after she arrived home from the incident on 29 Dec. 1980.
In the hospital, the doctors did little for her. She received pain pills for the headaches. A dermatologist put ointment on the burn on her face and also treated her scalp. 
When the group met the UFO they stopped the car - it did not fail on its own. They had the radio on but couldn't tell if the object interfered with the radio or was noisy above the sound of the radio. She described the noise as a beep, beep, beep type of noise. 
Page 2
J. Schuessler Report

She was wearing a leather jacket because it was a chilly night. However, she was very hot while near the object. To get back in the car she had to use the leather jacket as a hot pad to keep from burning her hand on the door handle. The whole car was very hot. 
I requested her to have a friend help examine the auto for any signs of heating - like melted non-metals or adhesives, or scorch marks. 
She went back just last week to the sighting location but could not detect anything significant. Several trees were dead, but the reason was not obvious. 
Her car now runs very rough - the engine misses. It was given a tune up just 4 months ago. 
Vicky was in pretty good condition before the event. Now she has lost sight in one eye and a little of her hair is falling out, but nothing near the hair-loss on Betty. 
The grandson has been having a rough time. He has nightmares much of the time. He is deathly afraid of airplanes. For two or three weeks after the event he was a bed wetter because he was afraid to get up at night. 
I requested an accounting of time for their trip. It seems they stopped to eat at a truck stop at New Caney on highway 59. They left there around 8:15 to 8:30. The location of the truck stop is at Rte 1485 and H-59. They encountered the object around 9 pm. They arrived home around 9:50 pm. 

Page 3
J. Schuessler Report

Betty was quite definite about the helicopters. Apparently they were not around it when it was close to her. However when it went up and away the helicopters seemed to rush in from all directions. She thought they would crash into each other.
She said they could see each helicopter and she counted 23. Each had little lights and a big rotor on top and a small one on the rear. She thought they were military but didn't actually see military markings. 
Betty's doctor is a cardiologist named Dr. Shenoy. She will call him and give her approval for me to talk to her. He has been treating her as a heart patient. She didn't tell him about
the object when she went in for the first time. He just thought she had a burn of some kind, perhaps chemical. On a later visit Vicky told him of the cause. 
Dr. V. B. Shenoy Cardiology 
150 W. Parker Rd.
Houston, TX
Louis Berman [Burman] Dermatology
508 Hermann Professional Blve, 
Houston, TX

Betty has never had glasses or cataracts or other eye problem. Now her eyes are bad - like a film over them. 
Betty's mother is visiting from Alabama to care for her. She may take Betty then to the University hospital next week. 
Betty's telephone is 453-6042 

34 - 35 1st MUFON Cash-Landrum case contact: 20 February 1981,  by phone from reporter Cathy Gordon. “Caller: Kathy Gordon, Conroe Daily Courier...” Typed, 2 pages. (Page one on VISIT letterhead.)

Friday, 20 February 1981, 5 pm 
Page 1
J. Schuessler Report
Caller: Kathy Gordon, Conroe Daily Courier, Conroe Texas 77301 P.O. Box 609, (713) 756-6671, X-240

Referred to me by Allen Benz of APRO/
She is a reporter, but also a friend of a UFO victim - Betty Cash
Betty Cash, 52 years old, lives in Dayton, TX (just north of Houston).

On December 29, 1980 she and a friend Vicky and Vicky's little 7 year old grandson had been driving around trying to find a bingo game. They left New Caney, TX on Highway 59 and casually drove back towards Dayton.

On a lonely road they encountered a bright glowing object. It was about one block up. It came down to the road and burped out some flames. It was at treetop level and they
were afraid they couldn't get under it without getting burned. So, they stopped and shut off the car motor. It was just a short distance away, about 100 feet.
Betty, the driver got out. The night temperature was about 40°. It was 9pm or so. Vicky got out with the boy and he became so frightened that she got back in with him and he hid on the floor. The fire seemed to hit the treetops. Betty stayed outside for 10 or 15 minutes. To her it looked like an extremely intense glob of light. The boy said it was diamond shaped. It rose and went up and to the right.

The site is some 38 miles from Dayton, TX. As the object left they followed it to FM 2100. It was higher and very bright. They could see between 20 and 25 helicopters around. They had blinking lights and were also lit by the object. The women could not see any insignia, however. The object and the helicopters went between Humble and Houston, TX. The women headed for home.
(Page 2)
Page 2
J. Schuessler Report
Betty said that when she went to get back in the car it was very hot to the touch as was the air around her. 
Betty dropped Vicky and the boy at home and went to her home. A friend was staying with her. 
She sat down in a chair. Her neck hurt and her head felt as if it would burst. She soon developed nodules on the head and scalp that burst and flowed clear liquid. 
The next day Betty was too ill to get out of bed. Four days later she was admitted to a hospital in Houston as a burn victim, 
The areas burned were the bare areas, mostly on the right side. Even today water makes her skin burn. Her eyes are like she has a film over them. Her eyelid and earlobes swelled and burst like the nodules on the scalp did. They too flowed clear liquid.
She has no appetite.
Betty has been a cardiac patient - had a bypass operation some time ago. 
Ms. Gordon talked with Betty's hair dresser and he said she had a great head of hair. Too much to do anything with. 
APROs Bill English had assigned the investigation to Dick Donavon of the Weekly World News when first notified about it. 
Kathy started to ask about and discuss where other incidents involving helicopters took place. I mentioned that in Texas about the only recent helicoptor activity was in conjunction with cattle mutilations. After a brief discussion the telephone connection became very bad and we were cut off. 
. . .