Wednesday, April 4, 2012

UFO Evolution: The Piney Woods UFO

  How I wonder what you are.     
Up above the world so high,     
Like a diamond in the sky.
-"The Star" by Ann and Jane Taylor

Initially, the two adult witnesses were unable to describe the object due to the bright light coming from it. The boy, Colby said it was "diamond-shaped".  As the coverage of the story progressed, the women began using the diamond description. Later, further details about the craft were revealed by investigators- completely new details.

Some of the key illustrations of the UFO most closely associated with the original witnesses:

Colby & Vickie Landrum March 1981
MUFON Journal April 1981

MUFON Symposium Proceedings 1982

Colby Landrum early 1981

APRO Bulletin Sept. 1981

Betty Cash Aug. 18, 1981 (Bergstrom AFB interview)

MUFON Journal Nov. 1981

The Unexplained 1982

The UFO Phenomenon Time-Life Books 1987

UFO Cover Up? Live  Oct. 1988

Unsolved Mysteries February 6, 1991

The Cash-Landrum UFO Incident 1998

UFO Hunters Alien Fallout episode aired January 14, 2009

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