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UFO Contact: April 1, 1967, from Loco, TX

Watts being interviewed in 1968 by UFO investigators.

Carroll Wayne Watts said he had a close encounter with a UFO the night of March 31, 1967, but it was not reported until the following day, on April 1. Watts lived in the tiny town of Loco, in the Texas Panhandle, just south of Wellington, about 100 miles east of Amarillo. His story was carried in United Press International news service, UPI, and published March 2, as reprinted below.

Loco, Texas, near the Oklahoma border. 

Saucer Speaks 

A Wellington farmer said today that he spoke to a flying saucer Friday night. The man, Carroll Watts, said he was returning home from his father`s residence about a mile north of his home at about 10:30 Friday night when he saw a light from about where an abandoned house stands. He turned off the dirt road and headed toward the light. He said he drove to within about 20 feet of an object which “appeared to be about 100 feet long and eight or ten feet high.” 

"I walked around the side of it, and about 20 feet down the side. I found a port or door. I knocked on it three or four times and it opened mechanically,” he said. “A voice began speaking to me - it was an unemotional voice neither masculine nor feminine. It asked me if I would be willing to submit to a rigorous physical examination. “I asked them why I would want to take a physical and they told me that if I passed it, I would be able to make a flight with them. They said any man who passed the physical could make a flight, but no women or children would be taken.” 

“They pointed out a machine against the opposite wall from where I was standing outside the door. They said all I had to do was stand before the machine to take a physical. About two or three feet forward from the machine was a map. It was about a yard square and began about a foot from the floor. It appeared to be a large-scale land map - but I couldn’t tell what it was a map of." 

“Then they informed me that they had a machine that, when the ship within 300 yards of a building, could tell how many people were in the building and their ages. They (the voice) then asked me again to take the physical - and when I declined, they told me that several people had taken the test and had made the flights." 

“They, whoever they were, said they were stationed all over the world and could come and go as they pleased - no one could stop them. I told them I didn’t want to take that physical and I got back in my car and turned the lights on the ship. As I pulled in front of it, it rose slightly and turned to the south. There was a light, about 20 inches across, on the of the nose. As the ship was sitting, it gave off a clear fluorescent light, but when the ship began to move, the light took on a reddish cast. As I drove off, the object lifted from the ground and took a heading to the south. It made no noise whatsoever. I guess the whole thing lasted about ten to 15 minutes.” 

Project Blue Book file card: "Psychological"

As he spoke to UPI by telephone, Watts had two Air Force investigators at his home. The investigators were sent to Wellington from Altus Air Force Base, Okla. One man in Wellington said Watts was considered to be “above reproach.”

The incident is the third reported in the Wellington area in the last month. On March 21, Watts reported sighting such a craft flying at about 50 miles an hour over a road for about eight miles. On March 23 an Air Force man reported that he was chased along a road by a similar craft for some time.

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Dr. Hynek is baffled.

This was only the beginning of Watts' story. He had a series of encounters over the following months with events and players that resemble the Barney and Betty Hill story, hypnotic regression by a Budd Hopkins type, Polaroid UFO photography like Ed Walters, and close encounters of the postal and telephonic kind with astronomer Dr. J. Allen Hynek, who said:

"If this is a hoax, it is a very, very clever one. In fact, it would be such a clever hoax that it would be almost as interesting as what this farmer claims has happened to him."

 More on Watts' incredible saga to come.

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