Thursday, May 15, 2014

MJ-12, The "Pratt Sensitive" Documents, Cash-Landrum, Doty and Moore

Some big UFO news broke in 2007, but I was not in the picture. By the time I wandered back in, the fuss was over and the documents that had started it all were no longer hosted where I could find them.

At the MUFON 2007 Symposium, Brad Sparks presented a paper:

Bob Pratt
Bill Moore

Rick Doty

The paper was based on documents from UFO journalist, Bob Pratt, notes from his meetings and calls with William L. Moore and Richard C. Doty. The key point of interest to the authors of the paper was that there were discussions of MJ-12 and the related concepts before any documents were known to exist, and there were plans to use it as the basis for a UFO science fiction novel.

There's discussion of Paul Bennewitz, Roswell, abductions, alien bodies, crashed and recovered flying saucers, ET influencing our cultural and religious history (Jesus was one of theirs), espionage, disinformation and so much more!

Here's a swell article from Reality Uncovered that goes into more depth about it than I intend to:

Immediately after its release, there was a round of heated debate over the Sparks/Greenwood article, even among the author themselves! Some of the saga is chronicled at

The Documents: "Pratt Sensitive"

After reading the above, I searched for the original documents and asked friends, but couldn't locate them. It turns out. Shortly after the article was published, James Carrion, MUFON director of the day, released the original 60 pages of Pratt documents:

The Cash Landrum Disinformation

Doty's description of the Cash-Landrum UFO shape

My particular interest in the Pratt documents are the claims Doty made about the Cash-Landrum case, which are very elaborate and colorful. A sample:
"It was determined that these three (witnesses)could be used to further the "UFO explanation" and thus provide effective cover for the real nature of the affair."

Doty's "disclosures" on the C-L case are not the only comments he's made on it. I'll be adding this piece to the puzzle and see how this fits in to the timeline of his disinformation on the case. While I suspect he just used it while it was a hot topic, his input influences the way the case is discussed, even now.


  1. Great posting. Lots of data. Thanks

  2. It's worth remembering that Doty didn't invent UFOs. They were around long before he began practicing his trade. His enormous influence on Ufology is absent from the early days of UFOs. It's interesting to read the very early UFO stuff. The bizarre conspiracy elements that seem to be the hallmark of Doty's era are generally missing.

    His influence over the thinking of the UFOs-as-ET-spaceships believers and conspiracy theorists didn't begin until the late 1970s. Unfortunately it continues to this day, with many holding onto and espousing some of his wilder inventions as cherished truths simply because they still earn money and celebrity from them.

    Enough has surfaced about Doty's and AFOSI's disinformation and manipulation campaigns by now for any ethical person calling himself a Ufologist to feel compelled to repudiate almost all of Ufology's past 35 years. What's appallingly apparent is there is no movement to do so.

    Because of Doty and his cohorts almost all that's been said and written about UFOs since 1975 must be tossed out the window, and that includes many long-after-the-fact "revelations' about very early cases that didn't surface until after 1975, including Roswell. All of it has to be considered as a direct or indirect reflection of AFOSI campaigns and dismissed as fiction.