Saturday, January 28, 2012

It's Not My Job, Man...

“When Betty and Vickie contacted their congressmen, their frustration was heightened. all they received in return was a form letter telling them about the now defunct Air Force project ... and a suggestion they contact a cult group in California.”

-UFO Report Winter 1981 Volume 9, Number 4 
"Texas UFO Trauma" by John Schuessler

The Air Force project is obviously Blue Book, but what is being characterized as a "cult group", and who was the party sending this form letter?

After Project Blue Book closed, the Air Force answered UFO inquiries with a form letter fact sheet and a list of organizations that were investigating aerial phenomenon.
The letter and resources were updated over the years, but here's a copy from around the right time of the Cash-Landrum incident.

7970 Woodman Ave.. Suite 207      Phone: (213)781-770
Van Nuys , CA 91402
Individuals Interested in investigating "the truth concerning UFOs
and associated phenomena." Probes UFO reports and relates findings
to governmental agencies and the general public via the press.
radio, television and newsletters. Holds seminars produces and
distributes books and cassettes. Bestows awards. Maintains
library of 1700 volumes.

So the best match for the "cult group" seems to be NICUFO, leaving the question of who sent the form letter. This quote clenches it all:

“Congressman Charles Wilson didn’t reply until July and then all he did was recommend that they contact Ufologist Frank Stranges.” 
-The Cash-Landrum UFO Incident  pg. 121

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