Thursday, November 14, 2013

Betty Cash’s Medical Records

My posting of information on the Cash-Landrum case files of the Texas Department of Health exposed some fundamental problems in the case. Unfortunately, much of the conversation is focussed on old controversy about the case, chiefly the secrecy surrounding the medical files. 

I’d hoped to gather more information and present a thorough analysis, but given the renewed interest, have released the files below,  to share with other researchers. The medical files themselves are unavailable, but we have the next best thing,  analysis by a radiologist of Betty Cash's hospital records.

There are two key treasures in the following files:

The report of Allan Hendry of CUFOS. He was hired to seek the source of the helicopters, but in doing so, interviewed the witnesses and made a few discoveries of his own.
“Uninformed about the UFO, Dr. Shenoy called in specialists who couldn’t explain the swelling, burns or hair loss. All tests performed (white blood cell counts, eye examination, skin tests, a biopsy, etc.) showed nothing.”

Betty Cash’s Medical Records Summary provided by Radiologist Dr. Peter Rank.
This may be the closest we get to seeing the records themselves. A few surprises, including that a hospital examination of Betty Cash was approved for funding by the Fund for UFO Research (FUFOR), but never took place.

Cash-Landrum Case Files (Opens PDF in new window)

 Table of Contents

1 VISIT memo: R. Niemetzow called J. Schuessler 7/5/1981 (1 page)

2 VISIT memo: Bill Shead & John Schuessler met with Betty Cash & Vickie Landrum 8/23/1981 (1 page) 

3-7 Peter Rank, M.D. letter to John Schuessler  ("complete summary report" of medical data) 4/29/1981 (5 pages)

8-18 A Preliminary Report on the Cash/Landrum New Caney CEII Case by Allan Hendry for the Fund for UFO Research undated (but contemporary to Rank letter) (11 pages w/cover)

19-20 National Enquirer clipping "UFO Terrorizes and Burns Three in Car" 8/11/1981 (2 pages) 

21-31 VISIT Investigator's Notes Summary: Investigation by U.S. Army Inspector General 5/9/1982 (11 pages w/ cover)

32-35 VISIT Investigator's Notes Summary: Interview with John Plaster, Huffman Helicopter witness  9/25/1982 (4 pages w/ cover)

C. 2013, Curtis L. Collins


  1. You are aware of course, that there is not, nor has there ever been a Dr. Peter Rank, right?
    No radiologist in SC with that name, nor anywhere else in the US, and no such a form known as "Radiology Consultants of SC". And furthermore, that entire "medical records summary", is a phony, not written by any doctor, and is full of mistakes and red herrings.
    The whole thing is a complete fabrication, obvious to even the most dull-witted layman.

  2. I am aware there was. Here's his grave.