Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Not a UFO, Not Bigfoot, but a Mysterious sighting of a Vanishing Cat

And now for something completely different...

Working outside in the morning, I found cat tracks. Bad news- I have a dog with a feline intolerance of the fatal kind.

Chores continue, but breaking for lunch, I see a cat in the edge of the trees.

I move closer and see that it's an unfamiliar cat,

a gray and white one, a bit like this.

Random similar cat pulled off the Net.

Closer still, getting concerned the cat is not moving, fearing the worst,

wondering if somehow, the allegedly murderous dog got out.

At some point, maybe 15 feet away, the cat seems to change form, and in its place, 

I see something with writing on it. Closer inspection reveals it to be the empty of a bag of sand, blown away from one of my morning chores.

So, I had to go back and look up a word I'd heard, pareidoliabasically that's when you see something like an empty bag, but your mind thinks it matches a cat instead.

This kind of thing has happened to me many times before, but this time, I had a phone camera handy to recreate it. Usually, even after scary false alarm, the memory of it soon fades away.

Funny thing is, if I had looked away and the wind had carried it into the woods, I'd have fiercely sworn the cat simply ran away.

A true story, and I am prepared to produce the bag in a court of law. Some of you may be asking yes, but what about the very real cat tracks? 

Not all mysteries are fully solved!


  1. UPDATE: Breaking News!
    Walking the dog this morning, I spotted a white blob far away in the front yard at the edge of the trees. "Not again," I thinks as I walk towards it ready to pick up the plastic grocery bag which must have blown over from the neighbor's yard. You guessed, it- the "bag" got up and ran away. I'd seen the white front of a calico cat.

    As of this report, the lab has not returned comparisons on the footprints between the two incidents.

    BUT WAIT, there's more!

    Seconds later, another near-astonishing apparition! I noticed a star-like object flying on a northeastern path. On closer inspection, it seemed to be a "cigar" about the length of 8 or 9 stars in a row. Then, after about two seconds it just vanished. I have no doubt that it was the morning sun reflecting of the fuselage of an airplane. When it lost the angle, it vanished when the reflection stopped.

    As a kid of about nine I had a similar sighting in the afternoon, but instead of vanishing, the wings and tail became visible, killing my UFO sighting stone cold dead- bummer!