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AATIP's UFO Medical Study and the Cash-Landrum Case

The Cash-Landrum UFO case was a small part of the Pentagon's AATIP studies.

Popular Mechanics has a new article out by Tim McMillan, Inside the Pentagon's Secret UFO Program, and it looks at a number of issues concerning the AATIP and AAWSAP story. One of the questions it seeks to answer is whether or or it was a UFO program. He points to one of the studies contracted by the program, one written by Dr. Christopher "Kit" Green, “Clinical Medical Acute & Subacute Field Effects on Human Dermal & Neurological Tissues.”

McMillan quotes Dr. Green as saying:
However the 2019 documentary, Third Eye Spies by Lance Mungia disclosed that:
"(Kit Green) tells me he regularly collaborates with Hal (Puthoff), but on what, neither one of them will say. ...Turns out that Kit and Hal really were collaborating. Kit brought Hal into a top-secret Pentagon UFO assessment program revealed in December 2017 by the New York Times. Oh, and Hal says they have recovered UFO debris, but that’s another story.”

For some background on the UFO-related carerer of Dr. Green, I recommend Keith Basterfield's article: Christopher 'Kit' Canfield Green - further information

About Dr. Green's AAWSAP paper, McMillan says that:

"In light of the cumbersome clinical language, just a cursory scan reveals the entire focus was on examining injuries that may have occurred after contact with UFOs or UAP. In fact, the very term 'UFO' appears 16 times in the report; the word 'anomalous' is used 27 times... 'Advanced Aerospace Systems Applications Program' is mentioned in bold on four occasions."

The paper also mentions the Cash-Landrum UFO encounter on 7 occasions, but does not contain a thorough examination of it. It's an important element though. The Cash-Landrum case is regarded as a benchmark of sorts for other UFO injury cases. Cash-Landrum investigator John Schuessler included the case in his 1996 booklet, and it was a key refence for Green's paper: 
“The Schuessler catalog, UFO-Related Human Physiological Effects, was complied in 1996 by MUFON's past Director, John F. Schuessler. Covering the time period 1873 - 1994, the catalog comprises a summary of 356 selected cases of UFO-induced physiological effects on humans during close encounters.”

McMillan also notes:

"Green also stresses that while his work focused on encounters with unknown or unidentified aerial objects, all of the injuries he assessed could be accounted for by known terrestrial means, and did not provide any evidence for extraterrestrial or non-human technologies."

McMillan's story included this link to the full AAWSAP study by Dr. Green archived from Scribd:

Keith Basterfield has done an analysis of the paper and some comments on what it contains.


In late March 2022, the DIA released 38 of the DIRDs, including Dr. Green's original paper.

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