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Miracle of Fatima: Photographic Proof Part II

Photographic Fiasco: Finding the Source

In the piece, The Miracle of Fatima: Photographic Proof from the Vatican and LIFE magazine?,
we saw how a photo was erroneously presented as evidence. What was not discussed was how an error of that magnitude came to be. Luckily others knew where to look for answers.

Gilles Fernandez, is a scholarlly French skeptic s that corresponds with me, and he was very helpful in tracking down further details on the origin of the Fatima photo fiasco.  Gilles contacted Marc Hallet, who has an excellent history of the Fatima Miracle itself at his French language site.
The second of three bad photographs published in the book by Viscount Montelo

Gilles told me (summarized, retranslated):
Marc provided  a copy  of the "picture" from the first book it was in, by Vicomte de Montelo, (circa 1930) who described the picture as "Le phénomène solaire, 2°aspect" (the solar phenomenon, second aspect).
The book was
As Grandes Maravilhas de Fatima by Canon Manuel Nunes Formigão under the pseudonym “Vicomte de Montelo” Uniao grafica, 1927 (Note: Some references use the spelling "Montello," preserved here.)

Les Grandes Merveilles de Fatima Éditions du Pélican (1931)

Manuel Nunes Formigão aka 
Vicomte de Montelo

It must have been forgotten, because when about twenty years later finding copies of the photograph launched international news:

Marc Hallet provided an excerpt from MICHEL DE LA Ste TRINITE: "Toute la vérité sur Fatima" (The Whole Truth about Fatima),  St-Parres-Lès-Vaudes, Ren.cath., 1986, T.III, p.252-253.

Link to PDF of French text

Gilles was kind enough to translate the relevant passage:

The Whole Truth about Fatima (Fatima photograph history extract)

What happened? In December 1957, in the Portuguese Jesuit review “Broteria “, Professor Agostinho Veloso s.j., explains the origin of this lamentable error:
“The Chief of the Protocol of Portugal Foreign Ministry, Doctor João Mendonça found in the house of his parents four negatives that his brother Alfredo, already dead, had photographed. He thought that they were from Fatima and, the respective positives were published in one book of Dr. Formigao, under the pseudonym of “Vicomte de Montello".
“When Cardinal Tedeschini came to Portugal, again with the same good faith, Dr. Mendonça gave him enlargements of these pictures, as photographed at noon/midday, 13 October 1917. After, the “Osservatore Romano” published them, also in good faith”.
“However, the author of this notice [Veloso] had had the occasion to make some research and he verified that the pictures were not photographed at Fatima, nor at 13 October 1917, but in Torres Novas, 5P.M., 13 June 1925. Coming from Fatima, and he saw an astronomical phenomenon that he believed to be a repetition of the Fatima Miracle […], Alfredo Mendonça photographed it. Later, he died. And his family, discovering later the negatives, were mistaken concerning the date and place, and it is how the error was spread.”
This benevolent explanation, accepting without discussion the justification provided by those first responsible of this lamentable affair is maybe not the most plausible. Because the of the incredible carelessness of Dr. João Mendonça, granting by writing the authenticity of the pictures, without any serious evidence and without research nor verification, is for us very suspect. And the behavior how the anticlerical medias and Franc-Maçons – and “Le Monde “ newspaper the first one – was advised of the deception only several months after the publication of the pictures by “Osservatore Romana” is not less suspicious. If Dr. Mendoça was able to discover that the photographs he offered to the Cardinal Tedeschini, as authentic photographs of 13 October 1917 Miracle, were in reality photographed at 5 PM, 13 June 1925, in Torres Novas – what precision! - how can he have ignored it before? And how is it that opponents of the church were the first to know?
When we know how the Bourgeoisie of Portugal remained in great part liberal, skeptic, anticlerical and secretly affiliated to the Freemasons, another hypothesis, less benevolent, but likely has come to our mind: A trap, a deliberate deception whose victim was Cardinal Tedseschini, and following him, Osservatore Romano”.
from Toute la vérité sur Fatima by Michel de la Ste Trinité 
The first photo.

In Marc Hallet's book, Les Apparitions de la Vierge, he attempts to clarify things. Below is a mechanically transited passage.

In 1931, in the key work he devoted to the apparitions of Fatima under the pseudonym Viscount Montello, Canon Formigao published without too many comments three poor quality photographs purportedly showing the three phases of the solar miracle. These illustrations went long unnoticed until they resurfaced, November 18, 1951, in the Osservatore Romano where they were presented as photographs "absolutely authentic."  Meanwhile, in 1944, in the book he devoted to Fatima, Jesuit H. Jongen had already written, but without providing any evidence, that the solar miracle had actually been photographed. November 21, 1951, following the article from the Osservatore Romano, the Parisian newspaper Le Monde claimed that the photographs were false and the press organ of the Vatican soon issued a denial of them. On March 14, the Osservatore Romano belies the words in the French daily, and reaffirmed that the published material came from a trusted source. Careful, however, he added that even if they were found to be false, this does not belie the miracle of 1917 occurred " in front of tens of thousands of witnesses."
On 15 March, returning to this case, Le Monde wrote that Osservatore Romano admitted the possibility that these documents were false. It was not until December 1957 to find the key to the riddle. It was published in the journal of the Portuguese Jesuit. The Chief of Protocol of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Portugal found four negatives taken by his late brother Alberto. As they were published in the book of Canon Formigao, he thought they had been taken at Fatima.  When the Portuguese Cardinal Tedeschini came, he offered enlargements of these photographs in good faith. And so they found themselves in the Osservatore Romano with the estimate  of a "reliable source." In fact, the pictures were taken on June 13 1925 17h at Torres Novas, while Alberto observed meteorological phenomenon that seemed to replicate the miracle of Fatima. Such, at least, now is the official theory (though little known) which obviously does not satisfy everyone. Another hypothesis is that there was a conspiracy to undermine the credibility of the Vatican. And here would not have been a coincidence, of course, if the enemies of the Church (it is here Le Monde) were aware of the fraud even before the Vatican.
The third photo.

I'll leave the conspiracy hypothesis alone, and focus on the historical information. The basic idea of seeing something like the photographs, and attaching significance to based on cherished notions has plenty of precedents and antecedents. When there is a will to believe, miracles will be found.

Marc Hallet's book (The Apparitions of the Virgin) at Scribd:

Les Apparitions de la Vierge et la Critique Historique by Marc Hallet 

Thanks again to Gilles Fernandez and Marc Hallet for their contributions!

Cash-Landrum case dramatized in New Discovery UFO Program, "Close Encounters"

As Seen on TV!

Coming soon! The Cash-Landrum case featured in a new TV show, Close Encounters
Check the clip below at about 1:15.
High on drama, technical accuracy is optional

 Some frames from the Cash-Landrum incident portrayal:

The preview video from YouTube:

Close Encounters Premieres January 10 on Discovery

"Close Encounters" - 13 episode re-enactment
Directors- David Weaver and Annie Bradley
Executive producer- Marlo Miazga and Anne marie Redmond
producer- Tiffany Martindale

Not a Bird. Not a Plane. Not Explained. The World’s Strangest UFO Sightings Explored in CLOSE ENCOUNTERS, Premiering Jan. 10

Close Encounters on Discovery Canada

Hello Curt,
The Cash/Landrum episode will air on January 17th on Discovery Canada at 10:00 p.m. ET / 7:00 p.m. PT!
I hope this helps!
Close Encounters

New Canadian series taps the world’s most fascinating unexplained UFO sightings

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The Miracle of Fatima: Photographic Proof from the Vatican and LIFE magazine?

Fake Fatima Miracle of the Sun photo

Polluting History

LIFE magazine used to be a vital part of the average American household, delivering a mixture of news and entertainment, always accompanied by large, striking photographs. In 1951, they carried some sensational news about the 1917 "Miracle of the Sun" at Fatima in Portugal. The Vatican had released photographs as proof of it, evidence of "rigorously authentic origin."

The Picture and Story:

VATICAN PAPER PUBLISHES PHOTO IN PROOF OF FATIMA MIRACLE At the anniversary of the miracle of Fatima this year ( Life, Nov. 5), Cardinal Tedeschini told crowds of Catholics at the Portuguese shrine that last year Pope Pius XII had a vision similar to that seen by three children of Fatima 34 years ago. The children saw visions of the Virgin Mary, and at the final vision the sun danced in the sky. Thousands of spectators at Fatima that they too had seen the strange antics of the sun. The Pope declined to comment on the Cardinal's announcement, but two weeks ago the Vatican newspaper, L’Osservatore Romano, published new information in picture form This picture, showing the sun near the horizon, was dated 12:30 pm, Oct. 13, 1917, the day of the final vision. There was no eclipse recorded on that date; the sun's blackness, said L’Osservatore, was caused "by its very rapid rotation.." Such a midday position cannot be explained scientifically; no astronomical observations in other parts of the world verify that it happened. The picture, said L’Osservatore, was of "rigorously authentic origin" and had been taken by a witness with a camera who "succeeded in fixing the exceptional scene.”

A reader speaks out; the Retraction:

LIFE - May 12, 1952 - Page 20

LIFE May 12, 1952 (letters to the editor)

PICTURE OF THE WEEK Sirs: Recently you gave the distinction Picture Picture of the Week (Life, Dec. 3) to a picture of the Fatima "miracle" published in L Osservatore Romano as of "rigorously authentic origin." Now that the picture has been designated a fraud by the official newspaper of the shrine of Fatima, I trust that you will publish a retraction, out of journalistic honesty and in fairness to the many doubters who objected to the picture.
J. McKechnie Plainfield N.J.
  • In reprinting the picture published first by L'Osservatore Romano, LIFE merely quoted the claims of the Vatican newspaper. Subsequently the official newspaper of the shrine of Fatima stated that the picture was taken in 1922 (not 1917), at sunset (not noon) and several miles from Fatima. -ED.

LIFE's "retraction" was given much smaller space than their original story. Checking old newspapers provided better details.

Youngstown Vindicator, 3/10/1952

The Milwaukee Sentinel story of the photo fiasco had a fascinating quote from the journal, "The Voice of Fatima":

The Shrine of Fatima’s official newspaper... “The Voice of Fatima,” said:

“In the interests of accuracy we would like to state that the photographs...were not in fact taken on that date but several years later (May 13, 1921, near Torres Novas) during an atmospheric effect at sunset. They were thought to resemble the October prodigy and were published in Portugal at the time but later withdrawn in order to avoid confusion. There is no photographic record of the sun on the original date and indeed, if the effect is supernatural, it would be unlikely to be recorded by the camera.”

The Milwaukee Sentinel - Mar 10, 1952

If I understand correctly, then the fuss was over nothing. 
God, Mary and Miracles are "unlikely" to be photographed.

The photo printed in LIFE magazine still circulates on the Internet as genuine...

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John F. Schuessler: A Recognition of Service

Documents recently posted here have caused some discussion about factual errors in the Cash-Landrum investigation by John F. Schuessler. While I have been critical of his reporting, I realize the great value he had in the coverage of events and the important role he played in the lives of the witnesses, and I wish to thank him for that.

Curt Collins

In Recognition of John F. Schuessler 

 “The Cash-Landrum case has worldwide significance. Three people were injured and their lives permanently changed. Their car was damaged, especially the rubber and plastics. The road was damaged and had to be replaced. Surrounding foliage was burned. The helicopters, examples of our latest technology, were unable to do anything but follow the UFO. And the UFO was huge, nothing like our flying machines; but it outperformed the helicopters chasing it.”

- John F. Schuessler, Unidentified Flying Objects: The Medical and Scientific Evidence
United Nations Symposium on Extraterrestrial Intelligence And Human Future, 1992

From Aerospace Engineer to Rabbi

John F. Schuessler worked for McDonnell Douglas at NASA’s Johnson Space Center. He had a private interest in unidentified flying objects and was a founding member of MUFON (the Mutual UFO Network), serving as its deputy director. In 1976 he founded Project VISIT (Vehicle Internal Systems Investigative Team), a Houston-based research group that chiefly consisted of aerospace engineers and other professionals who, in their spare time, applied technical expertise to the study of USVs, or Unidentified Space Vehicles.

John Schuessler’s deep experience in the field prepared him to take on the case of Betty Cash, Colby and Vickie Landrum.
“I’ve personally handled about 40,000 to 50,000 reports from all over the world, but very few from the Houston area.” - Conroe Courier story Feb. 23, 1981
With his prior interest in UFO-related medical injuries and his fascination for diamond-shaped UFOs, this case fit him like a glove. Having it so near home provided opportunities to work closely with the witnesses, which developed into a stewardship. He developed a more personal relationship, becoming “a sort of rabbi” to them.


Schuessler diligently worked to keep the witnesses’ case in the public eye while protecting their dignity and privacy. And he did this while working full time as an aerospace engineer project manager, serving as deputy director of MUFON, and dealing with the squabbling in the field from skeptics and rival UFOlogists. His coverage of events is unique. He continued to represent them in contact with the press and in his many lectures at conferences. He helped arranged legal assistance in their quest to find answers and get justice for their ordeal. He also served as a chronicler of their journey and told their story in his book, the Cash-Landrum UFO Incident.

The Human Encounter

No one can question all the hard work and personal attention John Schuessler gave Betty Cash, Colby and Vickie Landrum. Instead of treating them like  pieces of evidence he remembered they were people, compassionately providing them with comfort and support through their emotional nightmare. Without his expertise and involvement, their story might have been just a one-week wonder, forgotten after the tabloids moved on to the next sensation. With his involvement in this case, he has made a unique contribution to UFO history. He deserves recognition for it and thanks for all his efforts to help the witnesses.

Colby recently said of him, “Mr. Schuessler, he was from NASA, and he was on top of things. And I mean he was a wonderful man.”

As Vickie Landrum wrote, 
“No one can top John Schuessler. Betty and me were lucky to have found a friend like him.”

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More Details from UFO Witness Colby Landrum

"I can still see it very vividly in my mind."

Colby Landrum revisiting the road.

Martin Willis really scored when he managed to convince Colby Landrum to agree to be interviewed on Podcast UFO. Martin had already scheduled a show devoted to the Cash-Landrum case with Chris Lambright and me, but having Colby talk entirely changed the focus. Instead of a review of the case and analysis of recent findings, things shifted to strictly presenting eyewitness testimony. Colby was asked to recount events as he remembered them, leaving out what he may have heard later. He did a very good job of that and was frank about things he just didn’t remember. He was candid about its emotional impact on him and the pain and anger that he feels in association with the event. While he has no evidence, Colby feels that it was an object under military control and the U.S. government has ducked taking responsibility for the accident.

Colby describes the UFO

During the show, interviewers made a special effort to press him for further details about the appearance and flight characteristics of the UFO. The details were scant:

  • Size: approximately 50 feet wide, 100 feet tall, roughly the size of the tank of a water tower
  • Shape: diamond-shaped
  • Color: orange and yellow (fiery)
  • Texture: Not described, object radiated a glow
  • Effects produced: flames coming out of the bottom, radiated heat
  • Flight performance: floated
  • Speed: not described, slow enough to be followed by helicopters

Colby said the helicopters, 23 double-rotor Chinooks, were always present, and that they maintained a distance of about 100 yards, surrounding (but not above) the object. He had the impression that they were escorting it, or perhaps that they were there to deal with the threat of the object (liberally paraphrasing).

Looking at Mugshots

After the show, I asked Colby to look at a collection of images based on the UFO, “mugshots,” to find the closest match.

"Those look close, I can still see it very vividly in my mind." He selected this one and commented:
I would say the MUFON Symposium (drawing) would be the best one if color was added and (the object was) moved above the trees about 100 feet in contrast. Chinook helicopters added in, and it would look almost what I remember.”

Kathy Schuessler sketch from 1981.

I then asked him to look at Chris Lambright’s illustration based on his 1985 interviews with Vickie Landrum and Betty Cash.

Colby said:
That actually sent chills. If he could add in some helicopters, it would be perfect, but that's good.”
Chris Lambright illustration based on his interviews with Vickie and Betty.

A better understanding of this object will aid in its identification if it was a military vehicle or weapons test of some kind. Colby's contribution is an excellent step forward in establishing the best possible description of the UFO.

The Family Business

Colby has expressed the desire to pick up where his grandmother Vickie left off, to try to get answers about what they encountered. I’m talking with him about ways to do this, emphasizing that any investigation will carry more weight with his involvement. But first, it is crucial to review the case and verify the existing details. To that end, Colby has some documents and photographs that may contain information not included in the public record, and examining them may provide some leads, or possibly new evidence. 

I’m extremely grateful to Martin for giving Colby the push he needed to start working on a solution. Colby told me afterwards, "I hope we can get this rolling. I have a good feeling about this." 

Anything learned about this mystery will serve as a valuable tool which can be applied to other UFO cases, particularly those involving military operations. 

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Cash-Landrum: John Schuessler's First Presentation, CUFOS, Sept. 1981

John F. Schuessler's First Lecture on the Cash-Landrum UFO Case:
Medical Injuries Resulting from a UFO Encounter

An important case, document, John Schuessler's first lecture on the Cash-Landrum case is now available in a PDF, but first some background information.

Worth Waiting For

John F. Schuessler

Finding the MUFON Journal, June 1981 issue answered a question I'd long wondered about: 
Why did John Schuessler skip the summer MUFON conference and wait to present his Cash-Landrum lecture to another UFO group?

“John F. Schuessler, MUFON Deputy Director for Administration and President of VISIT, will be speaking at the CUFOS UFO Conference on September 25, 26, and 27 in a Chicago area hotel. John will relate the investigation into the serious medical effects incurred in the Cash/Landrum close encounter case of December 29, 1980, on the highway between New Caney and Dayton; Texas. His appearance at the CUFOS Conference is a reciprocating arrangement between MUFON and CUFOS, since Dr. J. Allen Hynek will be the keynote speaker at M.I.T. on July 25 at the MUFON UFO Symposium.”

The CUFOS Symposium Lecture

The presentation serves as as an excellent introduction to the case, it tells the story of the case, and discusses the early months of the investigation. The lecture was accompanied by a slide presentation, images of the witnesses that are still in circulation today. The narrative of the encounter is followed by speculation about the injuries and their source.

"The observable medical effects are many and varied. The pronounced problems are summarized in table 1. At first look, it would seem that no one type of exposure could cause such radical results. However, the Mutual UFO Network radiology consultant reviewed the medical records and the observable effects and concluded: “We have some strong evidence that these patients have suffered damage secondary To ionizing radiation. It is also possible that there was an infrared ultra-violet component as well.” This means that the symptoms listed in table 1 could have been caused by ionizing radiation plus ultraviolet and infrared radiation. 
Other mechanisms mechanisms could explain some of the effects. An acid atmosphere caused by a hot exhaust interacting with a polluted atmosphere could cause a variety of skin conditions; however, the weather on December 29 does not favor the solution. Local inflammatory changes and severe febrile reactions could cause some of the problems, but they too could occur in association with radio-dermatitis secondary to ionizing radiation.  Finally, some of the conditions could because by emotional distress. 
There are no existing tests that will identify the specific type of radiation that was inflicted upon these witnesses. 
The lecture gives information on how slowly secondary witnesses were located. Later it was claimed that there were about a dozen, but by Sept. 1981: 
“Project VISIT investigators... located one credible witness to the helicopter activity near Crosby They also located other people that saw the UFO for as long as one-and-a-half hours before it burned Betty, Vicky, and Colby. In addition a policeman and sheriff’s deputy also vowed they too had seen the helicopters” 
(Note: The Crosby witness later refused to give a statement to the Army investigator. The two law officers seems to be a confused reference to Dayton policeman L.L. Walker whom Schuessler would not meet until May 25, 1982.)

The first mention of Gray Field and 100 helicopters:
"One significant helicopter operation took place at Gray Air Force Base near Killeen, Texas, where more than 100 helicopters came in from the field “for effect.”

It is interesting to see the case in its early form. Some things mentioned are later dropped from case coverage, other things that should have been mentioned are not. 
The lecture makes no mention of:
  • Bill English and APRO, who first reached the witnesses
  • Vickie’s alleged left hand burn 
  • Helicopter emblems or insignias reported by Betty Cash
  • Texas Department of Health investigation of radiation
  • Television filming with witnesses for "That's Incredible!"
  • Hypnosis sessions of Vickie Landrum by Dr. R. Leo Sprinkle
  • Lighter fluid smell reported under hypnosis by Vickie

Also, there is no mention of one of the most dramatic elements of the case, the burned road that was secretly removed and repaved. Other things are glossed over, such as determining the precise location of the sighting. all that is said is:
“Measurements taken during the post-sighting investigation showed their location to be about 130 feet from the strange craft.”

The Schuessler presentation was later printed in The Spectrum of UFO ResearchChicago: J. Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies, 1988, Mimi Hynek, ed., now online at the CUFOS site.

But before that, John Schuessler sold it as an article to UFO Report magazine. The Winter 1981 
UFO Report  is an exact reprint of Schuessler's CUFOS material except for the addition of a closing paragraph promising to update magazine readers of further developments. Their title, however was a bit more lurid than Schuessler's original. Their cover stated:
Close Encounter Terror
Texas Family Suffers Near-Fatal Radiation Burns From 'Dazzling Saucer'

Inside the magazine they used the title: The Texas UFO Trauma

UFO Report, Winter 1981

Whatever you think about the case and its investigation, this is an important UFO historical document, one that all should read.

Link to UFO Report, Winter 1981 article in PDF, 5 pages, with photographs:
Medical Injuries Resulting from a UFO Encounter/The Texas UFO Trauma by John Schuessler

The PDF should be easier to read, but here's a look at the pages:


For collectors, the report was also later reprinted in the 1983 UFO Report Annual:

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Cash-Landrum Witness, Colby Landrum: 2013 Interview

A Rare Interview with Colby Landrum, December 4, 2013

Colby Landrum, from 1982 and 2008
Martin Willis has been hosting a UFO interview program, Podcast UFO, and he's got a refreshing approach to things. Basically, he's a skeptic that had his mind opened when he experienced a UFO sighting of his own. In a relatively short time, Martin has featured interviews with many of the top names in the field, including reclusive witnesses to famous cases such as Calvin Parker of the 1973 Pascagoula Abduction Incident.

On December 4th, Martin featured a live interview with Cash-Landrum witness, Colby Landrum. Silent since the mid-80s, Landrum has only broken his silence on the case for one television program. This live interview provided much more intimate access and allowed listeners to to hear Colby Landrum tell the story as he remembers it, followed by questions from researchers familiar with the case.

In 1985, Chris Lambright managed a rare feat by an independent UFO researcher, he was able to interview Vickie Landrum in person, and Betty Cash by telephone. The Podcast UFO program allow him the long-delayed completion to his goal to interview all three case witnesses. Also joining the  show, was yours truly, Curt Collins.

Colby Landrum Interview
Wednesday, December 4th 2013 at 8PM Eastern (Streamed Live)
Art Bell’s Dark Matter Radio Network 
Archived as a podcast starting Friday, Dec. 7 at 

YouTube version

The Podcast UFO Press Release on the interview:

Podcast UFO Celebrates Joining Art Bell's Network with Special Guest
Podcast UFO, new to Art Bell’s Dark Matters online network, will present a rare interview with Cash-Landrum UFO Incident witness Colby Landrum.

Exciting changes are coming to Podcast UFO, a favorite interview show for everyone interested in the field of UFOlogy. First of all, host Martin Willis is thrilled to announce that the show will premiere on Art Bell’s Dark Matter Radio Network on Wednesday, December 4th 2013 at 8PM Eastern. The show will still be available as a podcast via iTunes and Stitcher every Friday, but very soon the Wednesday shows will be live with listener call in and “wormhole messaging” capabilities. Podcast versions of the show will also be available on each Friday. The website will also continue to host the show’s blogs and forums. Host Martin Willis said “It is such an honor to be associated with broadcasting legend Art Bell. We are proud and pleased to be one of the first shows selected to be part of his Dark Matters Radio Network.”

The premiere episode is a pre-taped interview on Crop Circle Science with Nancy Talbott. The following week will feature an extremely rare interview with Cash-Landrum UFO Incident witness Colby Landrum. Researchers Chris Lambright and Curtis Collins will be joining Martin for this extraordinary episode. It very well may be the only opportunity listeners have to hear Colby Landrum speak about the famous 1980 Texas UFO encounter which left the participants with strange symptoms consistent with radiation exposure.

In another exciting development for Podcast UFO, esteemed Illinois based UFO researcher Sam Maranto will be joining the live broadcasts. He will bring his expert analysis and wide ranging knowledge of the topic to Podcast UFO. Maranto is best known for his investigations of the 2004 Tinley Park UFO sightings near Chicago, Illinois.
About Podcast UFO:
Podcast UFO is a weekly audio podcast that brings listeners news and interviews related to unidentified flying saucers and the search for alien intelligence. Each show features in-depth conversation with today’s most important and interesting UFO researchers, skeptics and experiencers. Produced and hosted by veteran podcaster Martin Willis and co-hosted by MUFON investigator Sam Maranto, the show can be streamed through the Dark Matters Radio Network at: where new episodes appear each Wednesday at 8PM Eastern (Thursday at 1AM UTC/GMT). Podcasts versions of the show can still be subscribed to via iTunes & Stitcher for your smart phone.. Podcast UFO can be contacted at
The Podcast UFO official website is