Monday, December 2, 2013

Cash-Landrum Witness, Colby Landrum: 2013 Interview

A Rare Interview with Colby Landrum, December 4, 2013

Colby Landrum, from 1982 and 2008
Martin Willis has been hosting a UFO interview program, Podcast UFO, and he's got a refreshing approach to things. Basically, he's a skeptic that had his mind opened when he experienced a UFO sighting of his own. In a relatively short time, Martin has featured interviews with many of the top names in the field, including reclusive witnesses to famous cases such as Calvin Parker of the 1973 Pascagoula Abduction Incident.

On December 4th, Martin featured a live interview with Cash-Landrum witness, Colby Landrum. Silent since the mid-80s, Landrum has only broken his silence on the case for one television program. This live interview provided much more intimate access and allowed listeners to to hear Colby Landrum tell the story as he remembers it, followed by questions from researchers familiar with the case.

In 1985, Chris Lambright managed a rare feat by an independent UFO researcher, he was able to interview Vickie Landrum in person, and Betty Cash by telephone. The Podcast UFO program allow him the long-delayed completion to his goal to interview all three case witnesses. Also joining the  show, was yours truly, Curt Collins.

Colby Landrum Interview
Wednesday, December 4th 2013 at 8PM Eastern (Streamed Live)
Art Bell’s Dark Matter Radio Network 
Archived as a podcast starting Friday, Dec. 7 at 

YouTube version

The Podcast UFO Press Release on the interview:

Podcast UFO Celebrates Joining Art Bell's Network with Special Guest
Podcast UFO, new to Art Bell’s Dark Matters online network, will present a rare interview with Cash-Landrum UFO Incident witness Colby Landrum.

Exciting changes are coming to Podcast UFO, a favorite interview show for everyone interested in the field of UFOlogy. First of all, host Martin Willis is thrilled to announce that the show will premiere on Art Bell’s Dark Matter Radio Network on Wednesday, December 4th 2013 at 8PM Eastern. The show will still be available as a podcast via iTunes and Stitcher every Friday, but very soon the Wednesday shows will be live with listener call in and “wormhole messaging” capabilities. Podcast versions of the show will also be available on each Friday. The website will also continue to host the show’s blogs and forums. Host Martin Willis said “It is such an honor to be associated with broadcasting legend Art Bell. We are proud and pleased to be one of the first shows selected to be part of his Dark Matters Radio Network.”

The premiere episode is a pre-taped interview on Crop Circle Science with Nancy Talbott. The following week will feature an extremely rare interview with Cash-Landrum UFO Incident witness Colby Landrum. Researchers Chris Lambright and Curtis Collins will be joining Martin for this extraordinary episode. It very well may be the only opportunity listeners have to hear Colby Landrum speak about the famous 1980 Texas UFO encounter which left the participants with strange symptoms consistent with radiation exposure.

In another exciting development for Podcast UFO, esteemed Illinois based UFO researcher Sam Maranto will be joining the live broadcasts. He will bring his expert analysis and wide ranging knowledge of the topic to Podcast UFO. Maranto is best known for his investigations of the 2004 Tinley Park UFO sightings near Chicago, Illinois.
About Podcast UFO:
Podcast UFO is a weekly audio podcast that brings listeners news and interviews related to unidentified flying saucers and the search for alien intelligence. Each show features in-depth conversation with today’s most important and interesting UFO researchers, skeptics and experiencers. Produced and hosted by veteran podcaster Martin Willis and co-hosted by MUFON investigator Sam Maranto, the show can be streamed through the Dark Matters Radio Network at: where new episodes appear each Wednesday at 8PM Eastern (Thursday at 1AM UTC/GMT). Podcasts versions of the show can still be subscribed to via iTunes & Stitcher for your smart phone.. Podcast UFO can be contacted at
The Podcast UFO official website is


  1. While I am glad to see that Colby is being interviewed, sadly the best time to interview him would have been as close to the event as possible.

    Whatever he says now will be what he believes to be true, the product of reliving the event over and over again in his mind and the various 'TV re-enactments' of the events.

    There is an article on the Huffington Post that discusses the issue, which has long been recognised by air crash investigators.

    As long as people remember that though it will still be useful to have this account.

    1. Graham, you are 100% right, but I feel he is less contaminated by memory pollution than you may think. Colby was asked repeatedly to recount from memory, and for the most part, when he varied from it, he noted it (I heard, there were reports, etc.) There are so many gaps in his narrative, that it doesn't tell a complete story, something that either fabrication or memory falsification will usually "correct."

      Also, there's the ego issue. Most storytellers (true or false) place themselves squarely in the spotlight of the story. Colby only did that in forgetting to say much of what the other the people were doing and saying. He was generally sticking only to what happened to him. About the worst contamination I could detect was his determination that the origin of the object was military, an evaluation made a bit later by the adults.

      I've yet to fully examine the interview (3 listens), but the factual mistakes he makes are not necessarily in his favor. The fey example would be saying the incident was first reported to L.L. Walker, the police officer who happened to also be a witness. That's too bad to be true. The first report was to chief Tommy Waring. Walker doesn't surface in the records until about the summer of 1981.

      In short, most of what he says about the incident rings true, most of what he heard about what happened later is hearsay ( and he generally acknowledges it).

      Back to your original point about being interviewed close to the incident, the best fragment we have of that is from Feb. 28, 1981, two months after the incident. His account is sketchy, but curiously when asked about the sounds the women mentioned, he says, "There was no sound to it." In the adult interview, of all the sensations he describes, none refer to the supposed roars or beeps of the UFO.